Friday, May 18, 2012

Best laid plans

So the old adage goes, if you want to make God laugh, make plans?  Or something.  I'm too lazy to look it up.

I left you after my Body Pump workout.  Blood sugar problems after a clot, yadda yadda.  Thursday, I awaken to legs that didn't belong to me.  Legs that had been obviously beaten with a tree trunk and then runover with a pick-up truck.  Legs that I was going to have to use to run.  I mean, I had made a Facebook running date.  I can't break that, right?

I did my normal routine of eating peanut butter whole wheat toast and coffee with my new fave supplement, GNC Meta-Ignite.  It seems to give me that extra "oompf" just when I need it (ie, about half-way through my workout).  I'm always super pumped at the beginning and end of just about every workout, but that middle is tough for me.  Meta-Ignite really seems to give me an edge, particularly yesterday as I was not excited at all to do any form of physical exercise ESPECIALLY exercise using my poor, abused legs.

I have no clue what I did at pump to warrant this pain.

Anyway, I was at the designated meeting spot 5 minutes early.  5 minutes later, I took off.  SOLO.  (Turned out it was a miscommunication, no big deal.  She thought I meant next Thursday).  I had planned to do 5.  Meta-Ignite planned to do 15.  We compromised and I did 6.2.

I ran the course of my June 9th race - a very hilly course - and beat my former time by 7 minutes.  Did I mention I love Meta-Ignite?

Nevermind the fact that all of yesterday, I cried every time I had to move from sitting to standing and whimpered at every staircase.  I had one of the *BEST* runs I've ever had.

My blood sugar?  Not so much.  I bounced all over the place yesterday.  One of the things I failed to mention is that I love carbohydrates.  I love bread, chocolate, chips, yogurt, fruit.  Mmmm.  But they really shoot my sugars to hell, so I do my best to avoid them and eat boring things like chicken and eggs and salads.  Don't get me wrong, I love all that stuff, too but if you were to place a delightful salad with oodles of carrots, cucumbers, chicken, avocado and all that yumminess in front of me and ask me to choose between a huge salad and a sliver of a brownie?  I'd choose the brownie.  No contest.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I can't eat that stuff.  But I crave it, want it, yearn for it all.the.time.  So yesterday, because I was feeling so sorry for myself and all the pain and tears, I allowed myself to have some Doritos.  And 3 mini-Hershey bars.  And a sandwich.  YES, I ate bread yesterday.  White bread.  The unholiest of the unholy.

And I suffered.  My blood sugars were in the 260s-300s for most of the day yesterday.  I also skipped out on my evening p90x workout.  I think if I had done it, my legs would have fired me and found a nicer runner to work with.  As for the glucose, I finally reined them back in today around noon.  I ate an egg white omelet for breakfast (blood sugars hovered around 150-250 this morning).  A salad with ham for lunch (blood sugars hovered around 150).  And I will be eating a steak and some steamed broccoli for dinner (right now, prior to dinner, I'm hanging at 117).

Today, I slept in.  I have been so exhausted lately that I needed the extra 90 minutes this morning.  I'm hoping to get the p90x yoga in tonight but I've had a really bad day and a glass of wine is screaming my name.  I may yogahhh then wine.  That is what I plan to do, but I hope I don't jinx this one...

BTW, 11 burpees done.  In heels.  At the office (stuck late on a Friday).

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