Saturday, December 22, 2012

New year, new ...?

So obviously, I'm a bad blogger.  Between working full time, being a full time mommy and wife and type 1 diabetic, and running, I've sort of lost the blog.  I've made many attempts at blogging and never really found my voice because I wanted to pigeon-hole myself into categories.

a blog about ME (how novel).
a blog about RUNNING (great but there are so many great ones.  And I'm a mediocre runner).
a blog about DIABETES (see running).
a blog about A RUNNING DIABETIC (fearful of being sued because half the time, I suck at being a diabetic and the other half, I suck at being a runner.  Sometimes, I shockingly suck at both).

So here I am, without a purpose.  Yet, I've noticed there is something missing in my life.  Some outlet of frustration, joy, pain, excitement.  I need to write.  I need to share.  I have this unbelievably strong urge, this pathological need to share my life with the world.  To be the open book and talk about the unspeakable.

So here I go.  My blog will probably be your crazy friend who never knows where she's going or what she's doing.  Because that's me without an outlet.  Once I find my focus, this blog will settle into something more substantial, more ... peaceful.  That's me when I write.  Without writing, I am a mess.

I can tell you this: I will write about my life, about me, about running, and about diabetes and how it affects everything I do.  I hope you stick with me through this because I tell you...I'm a better person when I share my life with others.  I think I have something in me that makes me compulsively need to help other people because I think I compulsively seek others to help me.

Isn't that what life is all about?  Forging co-dependent relationships?  (I am kidding.  Really).  But life IS about sharing and growing and learning, so that's why I am still here.

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